My Liddle Life – Finally.

So… Here is goes. For a very long time I have been telling myself that I was going to write a blog. To have somewhere to put all of the random thoughts that swim around in my head, somewhere to share my daily life experiences (although they may not all be exciting or interesting, they could be worth sharing). For a long time I’ve ignored that promise to myself, telling myself that time is not available, that nobody wants to read about me, that my life is really not that interesting. But you know what? I should make time to reflect on my life, whether it be daily or weekly. So I am going to, how funny that it happens to be that I’ve set this up on the day when the daily post is linked to ‘finally’, well, here I am ‘finally’. I’ve decided to do this as a consequence of a life event that I’ve found difficult recently, and writing about it has helped. It’s not the happiest of events but that doesn’t mean that all of my posts will be miserable, I’m actually quite a lucky lady. That event will be my next addition, when I can bring myself to write about it in the right way.

So, continue to follow my Liddle Life if you want to find out more about hanging upside down, working with children, eating too much food, or anything else in my crazy Liddle brain 🙂

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